Rates and Services

Looking for a new web site or thinking of changing what you currently have?
Please read on.

Web site rates from start to finish
Initial Consultation No Charge
Domain Name $15.00 per year
Web Site Hosting $10 a month on average
Web Site Design $450.00 (up to 3 pages)
Additional Pages/Content $45.00 per hour
Photo Gallery $45.00 per hour
Search Engine Optimization No Charge*
Search Engine Registration No Charge*
Web Site Maintenance/Updates $45.00 per hour

Initial Consultation
This is the getting to know you stage where I address any concerns or questions you have about your web site, web sites in general, email, our rates or the weather if you prefer. Just please don’t ask me to talk politics. I am easily reached by phone during the day at 703-483-1695 or by email at Jim@JRDamare.com.

Domain Name
A domain name can also be called a URL(uniform resource locator), internet address, or web site name. Examples are Amazon.comNametagpros.com, or my favorite, JRDamare.com. These are purchased through a company called a registrar. Rates vary wildly from one registrar to another and so does the service they provide. I have been using GoDaddy.com for the past six years with great satisfaction and would recommend them highly. The domain name registration process is fairly simple but if you do not want to attempt it yourself, I will do it for you at no additional charge. Included with this you receive domain name email. Here is an example: Jim@JRDamare.com.

Web Site Hosting
This is where your web site files,(pages, photos, etc.) are actually located. In order for your domain name/web address to have something to point to, a hosting company must maintain your web site on their servers. I am currently using a WordPress hosting company but can work with any hosting company. My rates are not affected by your choice.

Web Site Design
Here I create the look and feel of your web site. If you have specific requirements, such as logos or themes, etc., this is where I would implement them. The basic design, meaning the home page, is first approved by you, then pages two, and three are built upon this design. You receive a preview of each page for final approval before the site “goes live” on the internet. My rates may vary depending upon the type of site you select.

Additional Pages/Content
The first three basic pages are normally a home page, an about you/your services page and a general information page. Additional pages to consider could include a Photo Gallery, a service calendar, your favorite links and a contact us form. There are no limits on the number of pages you can have; however, I like to follow the KISS(keep it simple stupid) principle when designing web sites. I feel it is important to provide the information in a concise format. You want to get the attention of the person browsing your web site right away and give them the ability to find the information they are looking for as easily as possible. If you don’t, you will surely lose their interest within a few seconds. My hourly rates apply to any extra work required.

Photo Gallery
This is just what it sounds like, a place for people to look at photos you have placed on your web site. It can be as simple as placing half a dozen photos on a page or it can be more dynamic like one of this Photo Gallery.

Search Engine Optimization
This is where a web site has the necessary meta-data programmed into the html. “What does all that mean?” Well if I told you I would have to kill you, ha ha. Some secrets must stay secrets. Let me just say that I will code your web site to be search engine friendly. You can even tell me what “keywords” you would prefer people use to find you. This is included with with the website design and development rates.

Search Engine Registration
This coincides with the optimization, without first optimizing your site, you can register with every search engine on the planet and still come in last. I will register your site with the top 25 search engines. I cannot guarantee placement, but to see an example of how it works go to Google.com and search using these keywords “Name Tags” and see where Nametagpros.com comes in in the results. This too is included with with the website design and development rates.

Web Site Maintenance/Updates
The worst thing you can do with a web site is put it up and never touch it again. Fresh content at least every six months or so is very important to your search engine placement. Most of the time a small update like adding an image or updating some text won’t be charged. However, you will be provided with an estimate before any work on your site is done. Once you agree to the price the work is done. Heck, who wouldn’t agree to FREE? Essentially any work requiring 15 minutes or less is at no charge. However, if there is an accumulation of time beyond that within two weeks, my hourly rates apply.

Please contact me with any questions or if you are ready for a new web site.
(703)483-1695 or email Jim@JRDamare.com

*This applies to web sites that I have designed. I do offer this service on sites I have not designed at a nominal fee. All prices are subject to change.