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Below are some examples of the web sites I designed and currently maintain. Included in the services I offer are web site maintenance, search engine optimization, internet marketing, web site hosting and domain name registration. By day I work on the Long & Foster corporate web site using Microsoft VisualStudio.NET, PhotoShop and a host of other types of software. In my spare time I work on independant web sites, such as yours, using Adobe CS and a few other applications. As a photographer, I primarily shoot with a Canon EOS 7D. Most of my photo-editing is done using Adobe PhotoShop. You can see examples of my photos by using the menu found above or by visiting some of my galleries here, here, or here. Please keep in mind that all of my images are protected by copyright. If you wish to use an image for print or online advertising, or would like a print for framing, please contact me so we may discuss the terms. If you are looking for information on photography, and more samples of my work, I would recommend you visit my gallery or

Internet Marketing

Our Search Engine Marketing service encompasses everything from consultation, keyword research, copy editing, redeveloping the web site, creating incoming links, and submitting your site to search engines.

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Mickeys Awards, Trophies and Recognition PlaquesThe new Mickeys site was a redesign project where the requirement was to create a new ecommerce site to help market their custom recognition awards, plaques, trophies and medals. A store where business, school and other organizations can go to to easily customize and order recognition awards, plaques, trophies and medals.

Mickeys offers a vast selection of trophies, plaques and awards fit to honor any achievement or recognize a special accomplishment.

Name Tag ProsThis web site was designed for Name Tag Pros. The requirement was to create a new ecommerce site to help market their custom name tags and name badges.

Once my design was approved and the site was under development I began optimizing the content for their specific keyword phrases, such as executive name tags and window name tags. Once this site was launched I proceeded with my standard search engine management campaign. Rather than boasting how well this site is ranking on these keyword phrases I suggest you see for yourself. Copy and paste these separately into a Google, Yahoo or a Bing search: executive name tags and/or window name tags.

Ocean Grove Pet BoutiqueThis web site was designed for Ocean Grove Pet Boutique. The requirement was to create a new site which would help market their specialty pet products.

This design uses many of the elements provided by the site owner such as colors, logo and pet photos.

Chesapeake Boats, was a redesign project for Chesapeake Boats, Inc. The requirement was to create a new site to help market this custom boat building service. The service area for Chesapeake Boats is not limited to the Chesapeake Bay — their custom built boats can be found throughout the East Coast, the Caribbean, the Bahamas, Turks & Caicos, the Virgin Islands, Ohio and Oregon.

In this redesign my main focus was search engine optimization. I wanted to create a site with clean code and search engine friendly text while concentrating on keyword density. The original design concept was changed a few times to better fit the desires of the representative for Chesapeake Boats, Inc. Once we worked through the designs to come up with the finished look and feel the customer had this to say "Jim, the site looks great.."

Proud Mary ChartersProud Mary Charters was created for a specific market; namely Chesapeake Bay charter fishing. I focused the search engine management on this site accordingly and now most of the Captain's business is generated through the web site. He is so happy with the web sites search engine ranking and performance that he has referred my services to all of his friends. Miss Meagan and the Overtime II are a couple of the web sites which were created as a result of his referrals. Captains of the Chesapeake is spin off of I created this to promote web site design, domain name registration and hosting services, including search engine optimization and internet marketing for Chesapeake Bay Charter Boat Captains.

Published Here are a couple of photographs and an article of mine which were published on Maryland's Department of Natural Resources web site recently. This article was featured on the Maryland Fishing Report page as the main article for the Middle Bay. I'm the big guy in the dark jacket, not the one being held up by the lips. If you click on the thumbnail here it will launch a full size screen-shot of the article. I set it up this way because they publish new articles every week and I did not want to lose the link to the article.

If you need assistance with maintaining an existing web site, improving your search engine rankings, registering a domain name, setting up a hosting account, or simply starting from scratch with a new web site design, I will be happy to work with you to meet your needs. My prices vary depending upon your requirements. Please send an email to with your questions, concerns, and/or requirements. I will provide a FREE ESTIMATE based upon your site design requirements.

Visit my portfolio to see some of the other web sites I created and maintain.

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